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Many people still do not know what is amazon prime membership and how to get amazon prime membership. Friends, in today’s post, we are going to give you all the information about it. After reading this post completely, there will be nothing in amazon prime that you will not know.

Prime Video: – Being a prime member, you get the facility to watch videos, web series. You can watch all types of movies and popular TV shows in Prime Video.

You can use the service of Prime instant video in devices like Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Echo, iOS device, Android smartphones and tablets, PC, Mac.

Amazon Prime Video is a very similar streaming-video component as are serives like Netflix and Hulu. In this you will find many categories of movies and TV shows from where you can do unlimited streaming.

Prime Music:- If you are a music lover, then you will get an Ad-Free music streaming option from Amazon prime music, where you can also download them if you want (subject to some conditions). Not only this, there are many options of languages ​​​​like Bangla, Hindi, Tamil Punjabi, English etc.

Prime music is a streaming music service. If you subscribe to this service then you can listen and download many things onlin



What is How To Amazon Prime Membership and how to use

As you all know that Amazon website is used the most for online shopping. Because amazon is the largest online shopping platform in the whole world. Where you will get everything easily.

Amazon Prime Membership

Many people in India use amazon for online shopping. If in such a situation you do not know about amazon prime, then you are not able to take advantage of many facilities of amazon prime membership.

Amazon is an American company. Whose service has been started long ago in America? Amazon Prime is very popular in America. So now sometime back it has been launched in India.

This service of Amazon prime is very beneficial for those people. Who keeps shopping from amazon. Because you have to pay some charge for amazon prime membership. Only after that you can take advantage of amazon prime membership.

What is Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership is a paid service. For which you have to pay Rs 999, after which you become an amazon prime member whose validity is one year.

When Amazon Prime was launched in India, you were given a free 60 days trail but today its free trail has been made for 30 days. If you want to take amazon prime membership, then you are given 30 days as free trail. And after that if you want to take amazon prime then you can take it.

You get a lot of benefits from Amazon Prime, whose biggest benefit is that now if you buy any product from Amazon, then you do not have to pay any delivery charge.

As you know that whenever you buy any product from Amazon and if its range is less than Rs 499 then you have to pay its delivery charge. Which is usually 40-50 rupees. But if you have an amazon prime membership, then every time you buy a product of any range from amazon, you do not have to pay any kind of charge.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

This question comes in everyone’s mind that why to take amazon prime membership and what are its benefits. Let us tell you that if you keep shopping online, that too from then only you should take amazon prime. So let’s know what is the benefit of amazon prime membership.

1. If you take any goods from amazon whose price is less than Rs 499 then you have to pay its delivery charge. But if you have amazon prime membership then you do not have to pay any delivery charge, it remains free for you for one year.

3. In Amazon Prime, the customer gets fast delivery, which if you buy any similar, then it reaches you in 1 to 2 days.

5. After online shopping from Amazon, you are given a discount of Rs 50 for same-day delivery, while a nonprime member has to pay a charge of Rs 150.

7. The biggest benefit of the Amazon lightning deal is for the amazon prime membership customer. Because 30 minutes before the start of this deal, the prime member can purchase anything from this lightning deal. Whereas the common user can do some precharge only after waiting for 30 minutes.

5. With Amazon prime membership, you get to watch unlimited video streaming of the latest movies, award-winning Amazon originals, and TV shows. It is not available for nonprime members.

7. By taking an Amazon prime membership, you get unlimited Playlists, millions of songs and albums which are free to you.

So, friends, all these benefits are available to amazon prime members for one year. So if you do online shopping from Amazon, then you should take an amazon prime subscription so that you can also take advantage of all these offers.

How to take Amazon Prime Membership

You can use your PC or mobile to take Amazon prime membership. Because most people use their smartphones for online shopping, so we are going to tell you to step by step the method of smartphones.

Step-1. First, you type in google. Or install amazon app in your mobile.

Step-2. As soon as you open the amazon website or app. You will see the logo of amazon prime, click on it.

Amazon Prime Membership
Step-3. After that you login to amazon.

Step-4. Now you see two options. “start your 30 day free trail” and “start a year of amazon prime membership at 999 ₹” Rs.

Amazon Prime Membership

Step-5. Now if you want to use free trail then click on start your 30 day free trail. Otherwise choose the second option.

Step-6. Now enter your details here and after that you can use free trail for 30 days. After which you will become an amazon prime member.

So friends, in this way you can take advantage of all the offers of amazon by taking amazon prime membership. So now you must have understood what is amazon prime and why should we take it, if this post of ours has been helpful for you and you must have found it helpful, then if you like our article, then share it with your friends on social media. Do share with us and then if you face any problem then definitely tell us in comment.

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